How to nurture our young writers

Louise and her team at Inkead have been working with young budding writers to develop their confidence in writing and story-telling for the past 10 years.
nurturing our young writers

Amazing teachers can inspire kids to write

All the tutors at Inkhead are professional writers of novels and short stories. They all share a passion for inspiring children to write and work together running workshops and after-school clubs in schools and libraries across London.

Louise has a successful career as a Journalist and Editor. After completing an MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths university in London, she worked as a Primary school teaching assistant. It was here where she devised writing exercises and course for kids and how Inkhead was born.

Helping kids find their voice

Creative writing allows kids to imagine and discover. It gives them the confidence to face a blank page and helps to boost their literacy skills. Inkhead uses techniques and aids to help kids build up their confidence to write. They use writing prompts and exercises to inspire kids to develop their writing and stories. The tutors take the time to listen to their work and encourage them to share their ideas. The kids are given one-to-one feedback so they know where their strengths as a writer lies.

Here's what the kids have to say about Inkhead

Writing is not just a piece of paper, writing is a place. Writing is a place where anything is possible, and there are no rules. It’s a place for imagination to go absolutely mad. Everyone has their own little creative writing world. They probably don’t use it properly. But I manage to get into mine every week and that’s brilliant. -Matthew

Writing class is really fun. My teacher says that my writing is getting better every week. I joined it because I love writing and I would like to improve it. My favourite bit about writing is when I get to the middle of the story because that is when the problem comes in. To me the problem is the easiest part. At school we have to do a plan before we write the story. I’m not very good at writing plans because all my ideas are in my head, and it’s hard to put them in notes. - Lauren

I really enjoyed inkhead. Now I can’t stop writing! - Emily

We are running a free creative writing class online with Inkhead on Sunday 1st February 2015 at 3pm, suitable for ages 9-12. Sign-up now.

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