Is life boring for kids without a TV?

4% of the UK population don't have a TV. Our family one of them. Does this mean our kids are bored and missing out?

Just to clarify, I am a TV junkie. I love TV and growing up I would always rush home from school to catch my favourite TV shows (The Brady bunch, Inspector Gadget, I dream of Genie just to name a few). They were always on after school or before dinner time and I'd always do my homework in front of the TV.

Endless hours in front of the TV

With a TV it's very easy to get sucked into watching it for hours without even realising it! Now we have much more time to roam the streets with the kids exploring, having fun in the kitchen, and finding other creative ways to occupy our time.

We don't get bombarded with the ads either. Now the only influence we have to navigate are the billboards around town, rather than the constant advertising on TV.

It does make us a little boring

Yes, sometimes. I suppose when our friends or other kids talk about TV shows they're watching, we feel a little left out. So this means we're a little out of touch with who's most popular in X-factor and who's the best in Master-chef...but this doesn't bother us so much.

The things we miss

Growing up we use to sit around the TV as a family and watch the family shows and quiz shows. On weekends if it was tennis season, we'd all watch the tennis together. This was really nice and just about the only time we all managed to spend time together as a family in the same room. This is the one things I do miss. It's just that nice feeling of being together, not having to say a word, but just to be in each other's company.

What does it really mean with no TV in the house?

Overall not having a TV has had many positive benefits and means we as a family have become much more creative with how we spend our time. The kids are too young to realise the full impact of a no TV household, but I imagine there will be a day where they will demand we have a TV when their friends all start talking about what they're watching. I don't think they are disadvantaged in any way for not having one. Possibly the iPad may be their equivalent of TV with it's games, so this is the one treat they do have.

Our decision to be TV-free means we do spend more time together and we spend more time outside. This is the part I like most, and one of the main reasons we will continue to be TV -free...until of course when the day does come when the kids demand it as their birth right!

What does the TV mean to you and your family? Do you think you'd be able to live without one?

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