We put our dancing shoes on

What better way to keep the kids active during the school holidays! We teamed up with the dancer extraodinaire - James from ACE to give kids a taste of street dance. This was one of the first in our series of free online kids activities.
The kids logged in about 5 mins before the class and James was ready to greet them. So far we've had a good bunch of very well-behaved kids taking part with a mix of little personalities. For this class, we had 6 year old Charlie who was much more interested in showing James his Lego collection at the start! He soon got into the swing of the class though once it started.

Aimed for ages 6+ James choreographed some simple dance moves for our little dancers to follow. There were lots of jumps, side-steps and body-waves during the class, with James taking the time to let the kids practice each move a few times.

The teacher's verdict?

James is very comfortable with running kids classes in the local neighbourhood and although this was his first online class he took to it naturally. James enjoyed chatting to the kids and found the live online experience a nice surprise!

Two thumbs up

We're delighted to get a two thumbs up from Elizabeth who joined our online class for the first time. The 30 minute class whizzed past in no-time and before we knew it, it was time to wave goodbye.
We're looking forward to running more fun online kids activities with the team at ACE.

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