Lights, camera, let's get moving!

Filming Rockitt's very first kids fitness videos

Our big day finally arrived. It was a day filled with lots of smiles, jumping around, bopping to the beat and ending with some soothing Yoga.

Our East London studio

We had an early start in East London, arriving at our studio at 8am. Always a great sign when the sky is blue and the sun is shining to greet you at the start of the day.

"So much more fun than PE at school"

Joslyn picking up the pace Above: Joslyn picking up the pace

After setting up, our first fitness team arrived at 9am. Joslyn, Kaneisha, Liam and Taj. All 3 kids love their sports and being active and were all geared up for the challenge set by Joslyn. We queued up the music and Joslyn had the kids jumping, doing burpees and crawling around the studio in no time.

Talented dancing trio

Adrienne and the kids warming up for some cool dance moves Above: Adrienne and the kids warming up for some cool dance moves

Next up we had Adrienne and her team of dancers Sana and Shesh. We were impressed by the amount of work they had done to prepare for the filming, and delighted with the fun routines Adrienne had created. The team started with a great warm up routine, and then got straight into showing off some cool dance moves. They had the music pumping and rest of us bopping on the spot; if we didn't have to film we would have all joined in!

Soaring through the sky with Yoga

Alison taking the kids on an adventure Above: Alison taking the kids on an adventure

Alison, Isobel and Farah were on our Yoga team. We had two very bright and bubbly 6 year olds who love their Yoga and loved being cheeky. Alison had prepared some fun yoga adventures for the kids, filled with discovery, climbing mountains and superheros. We had some fun blooper moments during the filming, which gave us a few (very welcome) giggles at the end of a very long day.

Our awesome filming champions

Michael and Felicity from Go Forth Films

We couldn't have done it without the wonderful and multi-talented Michael and Felicity from Go Forth Films. They both did an amazing job filming tirelessly throughout the day. It was non-stop and they managed every situation with calm composure and creativity.

A great team effort

We're so grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful team of talented instructors and film crew, and awesome kids and parents.

A huge thanks and hugs to all the kids: Liam, Taj, Kaneisha, Sana, Shesh, Isobel and Farah, and to the great mums for the support throughout the day: Wendy, Kim, Nata, Sylvie, Susy and Sonia.

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