Detective story writing class - our first live online kids class

The big moment

Filled with excitement, anticipation and a dash of nerves, we hosted our first live online class for kids last Sunday. It was a detective story writing class lead by the wonderful Louise from Inkhead. The class was specifically design by Louise to inspire kids to write, helping them to create their very own detective character and story plot.

Getting ready - testing & more testing

We found a lovely quiet spot to set up our filming studio for the class - the Camden Arts Centre in our local neighbourhood of Hampstead, London. Thankfully we had the very resourceful Andrew to take care of all the technical stuff. He made sense of all the cables, wires, switches, set up the lighting, audio and video, and tested everthing to make sure we were ready to start the broadcast.

Lights, camera, action!

Just before 3pm the kids all arrive online one by one, with pen and paper ready in hand for their detective adventure. It was a relief to see all the kids logged in and chatting to their teacher. There were lots of giggles from some and everyone seemed to love the idea of being online and being able to see, hear and talk to each other.

After a short introduction from Louise, the kids were ready to start. Each one had a set of worksheets to work through to help create their detective story.

Louiseā€™s first half of the class inspired the kids to design their own detective character, exploring their physical characteristics and personality traits. Throughout the class Louise asked for the children to feedback their ideas after they completed each section. It was a great feeling for us to see how well the kids were interacting with their teacher.

Next, they moved onto dreaming up their crime scene. The children were encouraged to visualise and draw out the crime scene and how their new detective would discover and solve the mystery.

By the end of the class, they were all set to begin writing their detective story on their own by using all the parts they had created together with Louise.

Louise showing the kids how to draw and visualise the crime scene and plot for their story.

The verdict

We are very pleased there were no major technical hiccups on the day. There was one slightly hairy moment when one of the kids dropped off, but they were able to re-join easily. This was the first time for the parents joining a live online class and a first time for us in streaming a live class. There's always room for improvement so we'll be working to make the experience even better next time.

This was also a first time for Louise teaching a class online. She was cool, calm and collected throughout and is now looking forward to doing more online classes.

The kids worked well through the class and were attentive for the whole 45 minute. It was nice to see the interaction between the kids and Louise as she nurtured and helped channel the wonderful (and at times whacky) ideas. We love the limitless imagination of kids.

Most importantly...what did our young writers think?

We asked the kids what they thought after the class. There was a resounding "yes, we'd like to do it again." Excellent!

The kids loved creating the persona of their detective. There were some rather colourful depictions of what their crime solvers would be like; from obsessive nose pickers to 18 inch detectives!

They also enjoyed exploring ideas of different crimes their detectives could solve, ranging from art theft, missing persons to murder enquiries.
Overall, the creative detective writing class gets two thumbs up.

A big thank you

Firstly, we'd like to give the kids a big high five for joining us on this creative writing class. We love your imagination and we're looking forward to reading your detective stories.

To the parents who signed up: thank you for your wonderful support. We're delighted to have you with us on our journey and mission to inspire kids.

To Louise from Inkhead: You're an inspirational teacher and we love that you are as passionate as we are about supporting children's development and helping them to enjoy writing and using their imagination.

More classes to come

We're looking forward to running more live online class for kids. Our next one is a kids street dance masterclass. It's free to sign-up and join the class. Come and bust a groove with us on Sunday 15th of February at 11am (GMT).

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